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Custom Workflow Creation

Easily create custom workflows that match your business processes. Drag and drop to set up triggers, actions, and conditions without any coding.

  • Visual Workflow Designer: A user-friendly interface where you can visualize and build your workflows.

  • Conditional Logic: Implement if/then logic to make workflows adapt based on real-time data.

Multi-channel Integration

Connect your workflows across all customer touchpoints including SMS, email, social media, and customer support platforms.

  • Seamless Integration: Link with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and more.

  • Data Synchronization: Ensure all your systems are updated in real-time as workflows execute.

Automated Customer Interactions

Enhance customer experience by automating routine interactions. Set up auto-responses, appointment reminders, and follow-ups.

  • Customer Engagement: Automate communications based on customer behavior and data.

  • Timely Notifications: Send out notifications at critical moments to enhance customer engagement.

Performance Tracking and Optimization

Monitor the effectiveness of your workflows with advanced analytics. Use insights to continuously improve processes.

  • Analytics Dashboard: View real-time statistics and performance metrics.

  • Feedback Loops: Implement changes based on data-driven insights.

Best Automation
Use cases

Explore how Mercuri's advanced automation features can revolutionize your business. Here are some practical use cases that highlight the tangible benefits of integrating our automated SMS and WhatsApp services into your workflows.

Automate the entire onboarding process for new customers, from welcome emails to initial engagement.

Streamline order entries, updates, and shipping notifications to enhance operational efficiency

Automate ticket routing and follow-ups to improve response times and customer satisfaction

What our clients say

Mercuri Gradient
I've been partnering with Mercuri for over three years. They've significantly enhanced our customer communications by implementing WhatsApp notifications and have automated 90% of our customer service tickets, greatly improving our efficiency and response times.
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Ruchi Jain

CEO , Taru Naturals

Mercuri Gradient
Mercuri has been a crucial partner in Teenbaan's growth journey. Their exceptional support and rapid product implementation have greatly contributed to our scaling efforts. Specifically, their development of features like the Shared Inbox with AI has been instrumental in helping us manage increasing ticket volumes and enhance our customer support as we scaled.


CEO , Teenbaan

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