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Whatsapp Marketing

for your business

Instantly reach your customers with a using Mercuri’s WhatsApp notifications & marketing platform.


Engage customers with

AI Powered WhatsApp campaigns


Automate queries, improve response times, customer satisfaction


Showcase your WhatsApp Catalog on WhatsApp and accepts payments


Campaign and abandoned cart analytics for clear attribution.

Mercuri WhatsApp Updates

Real-time Support with ChatGPT

 Mercuri allows customers to communicate directly with our your team, providing real-time solutions to their problems. By automating our support with AI, you can ensure that every customer receives the top-quality support they deserve.

Chat Button

WhatsApp Chat Button makes it easy for visitors to start a chat with your team to get the answers and support they need. Whether it’s about product inquiries or technical issues, our WhatsApp Chat Widget button has got you covered.


Marketing Campaigns
via WhatsApp

Send one time or recurring WhatsApp campaigns Measure effectiveness of campaigns with analytics and WhatsApp goal tracking. 

Mercuri  WhatsApp Templates

Conversational Commerce

A one-stop-shop platform that includes everything from payment processing to Click2WhatsApp(Ads). With Mercuri, you'll be able to streamline your sales process and drive more business than ever before.

Mercuri Shared Inbox

Build post-purchase relationships

Order Notifications

Reduce post-purchase anxiety with WhatsApp order confirmation.

Shipping Notifications

Reduce support real-time WhatsApp updates on shipping.

Collect Reviews

Solicit feedback post-purchase, & gather valuable customer insights.

Mercuri Post Purchase WhatsApp
Address Confirmation

Minimize delivery errors and returns with address reconfirmation

COD Confirmation

Secure COD transactions with WhatsApp confirmations.


Automated workflows to keep your customer engaged post purchase.

Simple & transparent pricing

Choose from flexible pricing plans with no hidden fees. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our plans are designed to scale with your business needs.

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Deliver instant responses, tailored product advice, and bolster purchasing confidence with a touch more human than your top support agent. 

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