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Centralize Your Customer Interactions with Mercuri's Shared Inbox

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Enhanced Collaboration

Enable your team to collaborate seamlessly on customer queries, ensuring quick, consistent, and informed responses.

Increased Productivity 

Automate routine responses and organize conversations with tagging and filtering,


Track customer engagement and team performance with analytics that help you optimize your service processes.


Manage all customer interactions from multiple channels including SMS, WhatsApp & Chat.

Shared Inbox

Implement system-wide alerts and reminders to ensure that all incoming messages receive timely responses. The shared inbox’s comprehensive dashboard allows supervisors to monitor conversation statuses and response times

Collaboration Tools

Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members with features like message tagging, internal notes, and conversation assignments. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can contribute effectively to resolving customer issues.

Automation and AI

Use AI to analyze incoming messages and suggest the best responses based on past interactions and learned preferences. This not only speeds up the response process but also helps maintain a high quality of service.

Customisable Workflows

Create custom rules and triggers that automate workflow processes, such as escalating issues to senior team members or tagging high-priority conversations.

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