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SMS Marketing
for eCommerce

Instantly reach your customers with a 98% open rate using Mercuri’s SMS notifications & marketing platform.

Open Rate

SMS boast of an open rate of about 98%, significantly higher than email, which averages around 20%.


Personalized texts have a 50% higher engagement  rate & higher response rates with AI.

20 - 30%
Cart Recovery

Cart recovery has been shown to be effective, reports indicating a recovery rate of 20-30%.

AI Workflows

Setup automations on your eCommerce store helping you send timely and relevant messages that drive sales. Send targeted messages based on past purchases or browsing history.


Boost engagement and enhance the overall shopping experience, increase customer loyalty and drive repeat purchase helping you increase your store revenue.

Global Audience Reach

Support for multiple languages and adherence to international communication standards, our platform ensures that you can connect seamlessly with customers in any country.

Global accessibility helps you tap into new markets, enhance customer engagement worldwide, and drive international sales.

List Building Made Easy

Integrate seamless opt-in processes like pop-ups and checkout opt-ins, you can gather visitor phone numbers without disrupting the user experience.

We ensure legal compliance and protects against penalties but also builds a reliable and engaged audience, enhancing your marketing reach and driving conversions through direct and personalized communication.

Interactive Conversations

Engage directly with customers, answer queries, solve issues, and provide personalised recommendations in real-time.

Streamlines customer interactions by allowing the CX team to handle queries and resolve issues directly through SMS, reducing resolution time and operational costs.

Build post-purchase relationships

Order Notifications

Reduce post-purchase anxiety with an order confirmation SMS.

Shipping Notifications

Reduce support real-time SMS updates on shipping status.

Collect Reviews

Solicit feedback post-purchase, & gather valuable customer insights.

Address Confirmation

Minimize delivery errors and returns with address reconfirmation

COD Confirmation

Secure COD transactions with SMS confirmations.

Order Confirmations

Use this space to promote the business, its products or its services.

Simple & transparent pricing

Choose from flexible pricing plans with no hidden fees. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our plans are designed to scale with your business needs.

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Deliver instant responses, tailored product advice, and bolster purchasing confidence with a touch more human than your top support agent. 

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